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Wind Power Application


For the sake of answering global warming and as a new energy to replace petroleum, wind power equipment construction is on the rise around the world.

Since 2007, wind power industry in China marks an explosive growth.
At 2010, accumulate installed capacity of wind power in China is beyond 30 million kW. Large-scale development on offshore wind power is officially started.

China becomes the biggest wind power market in the world. It is also the biggest wind power unit fabrication base in the world.

The quick development of wind power benefits from the strategy of “equipment going first”. According to statistics, wind power installed equipment in 2004, import equipment accounts for 90%; while in 2010, domestic equipment accounts for 90%. The localization of wind power equipment drives a quick improvement on the technology level & operation quality of domestic wind power.

Through continuing technology research & development & innovation, Nanfang develops 1 MW wind power blade (dual blade type) itself. This kind of blade reaches international advanced level on the index of energy conversion efficiency and blade strength & stiffness.

Nanfang develops & fabricates wind power blade of dual blade type, through the combination on international advanced FFA-W, DU & NACA63 series airfoil profile and the application of international leading blade design software GH Bladed. The key index of this series product, i.e. efficiency, strength, stiffness & dynamic balance, reaches international advanced level. Its energy conversion efficiency is no less than the one of normal three blades type, while it could sharply lower the cost of wind power unit.

Nanfang could also perform individual development in need of specific industrial, and provide individual, professional & fine service according to the actual operation environment. Through technology invovation, optimized performance & quality of product, Nanfang develops high performance blade, to fulfill the need of middle-low wind speed & mountainous area in the wind power plant of our country.

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