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Metro Application


       Ventilation and air condition system in subway project is important for the safety and comfort of the personnel. So the subway project is very strict to the performance of the ventilation and air handling system equipment and the reliability, safety, stability and durability of the equipment. For example, the subway ventilation equipment products must meet the following conditions:


☆Reverse switching response speed. Blade in 60 seconds to complete the fire reversal switch, timely removal of flue gas in the tunnel.


☆High temperature resistance. Fan must be guaranteed to operate at 280 degrees Celsius in a high temperature environment for more than 2 hours.


☆In the vehicle peak flow,the ability to enter the tunnel with sufficient fresh air while excluding CO, NO2 ,NO and other harmful gases,.


☆ Some subway ventilation system equipment shall meet the noise of the station hall, the site and other public area of not more than 70dB.


Nanfang Ventilator Co.,ltd is the largest in South China subway ventilation and air treatment equipment manufacturing enterprises ,main business for nuclear power station, subway, tunnel, petroleum chemical industry, coal chemical industry and large-scale civil construction and other fields, and with more in the field of nuclear power, subways, tunnels, etc.have strong competitiveness and high market share.


Nanfang Ventilator Co.,ltd has been taken technological innovation and new product development as the core of the company's development strategy, adopt "pre research generation, development generation, design of generation, production generation" products and technology development model, with CFD Application Institute, nuclear power products R & D department, Ministry of wind turbine technology, focusing on Engineering product development room new product development department, has made a number of domestic leading and international advanced technology achievements.


Nanfang’s commitment NXT direct fired high temperature fire exhaust axial fan innovation project has through the acceptance of the National Science and Technology Foundation of technological innovation, the product is identified as the national key new products. The main advantages of the series of products in the:


☆Effective rate reached 85%, increased by 8 ~ 10% than similar products;


☆Fan flow capacity than the existing domestic product increased by 10% to 15%;


☆Lower than traditional fan noise ratio A sound level limit of 12 ~ 16dB (A);;


☆Reversing switch quickly to complete the switch from forward to reverse within 60 seconds after the fire;


☆Safe operation for a long time in the harsh environment of high temperature and wet.

Company with CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics), the first in the domestic development of a large flow, high pressure, high efficiency, low noise, the subway ventilation and air treatment equipment, improve operation efficiency of the equipment at the same time, reduce the volume and weight and comprehensive import substitution, change of ventilation and air treatment equipment rely on imports situation.


At present, the company's ventilation and air treatment equipment has been successfully applied to the domestic and foreign more than a dozen subway lines:


Guangzhou Metro Line 1,2,3,4,5,8

Guangfo intercity subway

Shenzhen Metro Line 3

Tianjin Metro Line 2

Chengdu Metro Line 1

Beijing Metro Line 9

Kunming Rail Transit

Dalian Metro

Zhengzhou Metro

Kaohsiung MRT subway line

Taipei Tucheng subway line

Iran Tehran Metro

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