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Nuclear Application

        Nuclear power HVAC equipment is the key equipment to guarantee normal operation of the nuclear power plant and safe working environment for the personnel and is one of the essential auxiliaries in the nuclear power plant. Therefore, requirements to the performance parameters and reliable, safe and durable operation of the HVAC equipment in nuclear power area are very strict. For examples, the nuclear power HVAC equipment must satisfy the following requirements:

        1. At least 40 years of service life must be ensured;

        2. Radioactive air must be filtered and eliminated in time under failure condition; 

        3. Satisfy special environmental requirements of radiation and corrosion resistant;

        4. Under safe shutdown condition of the nuclear power plant, withstanding to the possible maximum level of earthquake happened in that area, and maintaining structural integrity and functionality under seismic load.

        In order to ensure quality and safe operation of the nuclear power plant, the country has executed strict license control system to the design and manufacturing activities of the nuclear safety equipment. In July of 2007, the State Council issued the Civil Use Nuclear Safety Equipment Supervision and Management Regulations, to specify that the nuclear grade fan and damper among the nuclear power HVAC equipment are belongs to nuclear safety equipment, the unit engages design, and manufacturing, installation and non-destructive testing of these components must apply for drawing license. In May of 2009, the company became the national first enterprise who received the design and manufacturing licenses for fan and damper which issues by NNSA, and also the only one enterprise that possesses design and manufacturing licenses for fan and damper at the same time.

        After several years of striving to make technological breakthrough, the company has developed a serials of competitive advantage products in nuclear power area, with the market share exceeding 70% in nuclear power HVAC equipment market, by virtue of his industrial advantaged system integrated development design ability.

       The HVAC equipment used in million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor produced by the company has broken the technological monopoly of the abroad advanced enterprises to the domestic market, realized localization of the key equipment used in nuclear power HVAC system, comprehensively replace the imported products.

        By independent research and development of the DVC nuclear grade AHU, change the design principle of the import product of same grade that using the divisional room as the air handling room, to design the product as sectional group frame structure, thus the product with more compact structure, smaller space occupation, higher air handling efficiency. At the same time, by adopting various advanced silencing material and structure, the noise from the unit will be down below to 72dB, which reduced more than 5dB compared to import product of same grade.

        The ETY fan which developed by the company has broken the monopoly of the abroad enterprises, comprehensively realize localization of the HVAC equipment for M310 reactor.

        Currently, the company has mastered key technology of ventilation and air handling system in EPR the Third Generation Nuclear Power Plant, and undertaken the overall contract of ventilation and air handling system of EPR Taishan Nuclear Power Plan which represented the most advanced third generation nuclear power technology, and the equipment has been delivered in batches.

       The company has developed the new type nuclear grade air handling unit for ACP100 the Third Generation Nuclear Power Plant, the company has possessed leading design and manufacturing technology for complete set of HVAC equipment of the third generation nuclear power plant at home, stayed in the international advance level.

        The testing laboratory of the company is one of the three testing laboratories which passed the conformity assessment and accredited by the China National Accreditation in the domestic ventilation and air handling industry. This testing laboratory is independent, having the qualification for representing the industrial quality inspection center to perform testing and inspection. The testing certificate issued by the testing laboratory has been mutually recognized with more than 40 national testing laboratories abroad.

       The localization project of HVAC equipment of EPR the third generation nuclear power plant has been listed into the National High Technology Research and Development Program (863 Program).

      In 2011, the development project of Complete Set of HVAC Equipment for Million-kilowatt Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plant won the third class of science technology issued by China Nuclear Energy Association.

       The company is the biggest and specialized enterprise in Southern China which works on HVAC system and product design, development, manufacturing and market selling. In nuclear power area, the company has own rich overall contract experience in Million-kilowatt Pressurized Water Reactor Nuclear Power Plant HVAC System. Until now, the HVAC system designed and manufactured by the company has been applied in the following nuclear power plants:
Ø Lingao Nuclear Power Plant
ØLiaoning Hong Yanhe Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Guangdong Yangjiang Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Guangxi Fang Chengang Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Qinsan Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Hainan Changjiang Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Fujian Fuqing Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Zhejiang Fang Jiashan Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant
Ø Taishan Nuclear Power Plant (the third generation nuclear power technology)

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