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RWIS Anti-Icing System Used on Road

Foshan Nanfang-RITCO Energy Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary jointly ventured by Nanfang ventilator Co., Ltd. and South Korean RITCO Co., Ltd (RITCO short for Royal Industrial Technology Corporation). Founded in November 2013, Nanfang-RITCO owned registered capital valued RMB 20 million, which accounted for 51% of Nanfang Ventilator Co., Ltd. by cash, 49% for South Korean RITCO Co., Ltd by intellectual property of electrostatic precipitation technology. Nanfang-RITCO is mainly engaged in R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service of Electrostatic Precipitator used for air quality control and eliminate PM2.5 as well as RWIS anti-icing system used on road.   
Automatic anti-icing system is a system which can remove the ice and snow cover with the method of intelligent control and spraying deicer according to the status of road surface. It is widely used in exit of tunnel, nightside of mountain, downhill and bridge floor. It is a effective solution to reduce car accidents caused by ice and snow cover. Automatic anti-icing system is consisted of intelligent control system, Road Weather Information Stations (abbr. RWIS), road sensor, thermal mapping system, pump, storage room of deicer, spraying head. All external environment information is collected by RWIS, road sensor and thermal mapping system, such as air temperature, humidity, rain, snow, fog, temporary road conditions of highway, the level of liquid warehouse and freezing alarm, etc. Then freezing alarm signal is sent according to estimated freezing point. Finally, automatic anti-icing system will turn on the spring system automatically or manually. It can catch external environment data accurately. Besides, it is fast response and obvious performance. The best character is that the usage of deicer is economical and sustainability.
Application fields of RWIS anti-icing system: Airport Apron, Entrance and Exit of Tunnel, Bridge Floor, Dangerous Areas (nightside, uphill, downhill, etc.) 

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