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Electrostatic Precipitator used for air quality control and eliminate PM2.5 (ESP)

Foshan Nanfang-RITCO Energy Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary jointly ventured by Nanfang ventilator Co., Ltd. and South Korean RITCO Co., Ltd (RITCO short for Royal Industrial Technology Corporation). Founded in November 2013, Nanfang-RITCO owned the registered capital of RMB 20 million, which accounted for 51% of Nanfang Ventilator Co., Ltd. by cash, 49% for South Korean RITCO Co., Ltd by intellectual property of electrostatic precipitation technology. Nanfang-RITCO is mainly engaged in R&D, design, manufacture, sales and service of Electrostatic Precipitator used for air quality control and eliminate PM2.5 as well as RWIS anti-icing system used on road.   
Nanfang-RITCO is oriented by marktet, measured by innovation and leaded by science development. Electrostatic Precipitator is targeted to eliminate excess PM2.5 (PM2.5 particle means particle diameter less than or equal to 2.5μm) at road, tunnel, underground and large civil industrial buildings. PM2.5 particle is harmful for public heath because it can absorp toxic substances at the air and is inhaled into human respiratory tract. Moreover, electrostatic precipitator can remove fine particle, smoke and VOC efficiently. It can not only improve the air quality, but also reduce emission of PM2.5 particles. For PM2.5 airborne particles, dust removal efficiency is more than 90%. It can even replace the wind tower and vertical shaft of ventilation system at higyway tunnel. Under fire condition, electrostatic precipitator can remove more than 80% of smoke and toxic gas to improve visibility.
Product description
1.Honeycomb Electrostatic Precipitator-HEP
Dust and mist at the air are ionized at honeycomb tube which is inserted with a twisting spiked ioniser. At the same time, dust and mist are collected at the tube and removed out of the air. Honeycomb Electrostatic Precipitator can filter the air bidirectionally. It maximizes the dust collecting area and owns high efficiency more than 90% available at 20m/s ~30m/s. Besides, it only spends low maintenance cost by full automatic control operation. It is easy installed and maintained by modularization. Finally, it owns both automatic cleaning system and cleaning tanker. It can be installed at supply and exhaust duct, or matched directly with ventilators in tunnel. Nowadays, for Honeycomb Electrostatic Precipitator, there are totally 4 types, including HEP-1000, HEP-2000, HEP-3000C and HEP-3000S.  
                Type installed at road tunnel with ventilators (HEP)        
                  Type installed at supply and exhaust system with pipelines (HEP)
2.Multi-cross Electrostatic Precipitator
Multi-cross Electrostatic Precipitator is consisted of modular electrostatic precipitation cells. It was generally installed in bypass tunnel, matching with axial fan. Dust removal principle: Firstly, dust gas flows into and is ionized at the ionizing part which is consisted of a ionization bar with a raised tip and a ground electrode plate. Particles at the gas are charged under the effect of High-pressure ionization. Then particles are collected in the collecting part which is consisted of orderly arranged collecting plate. Ionizing part could be set at one end or both ends of Multi-cross Electrostatic Precipitator. It could filter the air unidirectionally or bidirectionally with more than 90% dust removal efficiency.
Road tunnel

Bypass tunnel

Installation location of Multi-cross Electrostatic Precipitator

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