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Energy engineering special pipes


ZhongXing energy equipment Co., LTD is mainly engaged in energy engineering special pipes of the development, production, sales. It provides various specifications and varieties of large diameter thick wall stainless steel , alloy steel accessories high-end products for national energy engineering important device, such as petrochemical, nuclear power, coal liquifaction etc... The products is national large petrochemical and nuclear engineering indispensable key components.

Company with "small batch, many varieties and specifications" production mode, mainly production of large diameter and thick wall , the special requirements of high pressure boiler tubes. It can produce stainless steel seamless tube with the most complete specification, maximum diameter and thickest wall in china.

We are the earliest produce large-diameter thick wall of stainless steel tube in China, and the first domestic enterprises obtained nuclear pressure equipment manufacture licence. At present, we are the only enterprise which has the ability and qualifications to produce nuclear 1 class stainless steel pipes with above Φ 400mm heavy diameter.

We have imported many advanced production equipment, have complete and first-class test equipment in China. According to customer special requirement, we can preparation and refining from raw material, through the proprietary forged, heat treatment, the realization of the whole process controled from refining to finished product. Thus forming incomparable advantage in seamless steel tube industry.

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