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Metro Application

Beijing metro

Metro Line 9 is located in the west of the city as a whole is a north-south direction of the line, located in Fengtai, Haidian two administrative regions. L length 16.487km, all for the underground line; a total of 13 underground stations.,8 transfer stations across the board, with wire mesh in multiple lines cross transfer. Beijing Metro Line 9, improve the traffic situation in the west of the city, and ease the traffic problems of the Beijing West Railway Station, improve Fengtai District travel conditions, and urban quality, improve the investment environment and so on are of great significance.

Fangshan Line Project starts from Su Zhuang Street station, at the beginning of the construction of the line to Guogongzhuang, design Guogongzhuang transfer station in the joint and the 9th line and at the beginning of the end of the station. Fangshan Line at the beginning of the line length of approximately 24.728km, the overhead line about 2l.430km, more line about 2.978km and transition period of about 0.32km and underground lines in the World Park station to Guogongzhuang station; along the 11 stations, which block 9 elevated station, underground station 2, average station spacing 2.3.

Fangshan line to meet the needs of the Fangshan Metro and the central city of traffic travel, improve public transport conditions. Its construction can effectively improve the Fangshan town traffic environment, exert the leading function of the urban construction, enhance the value of the land along, to speed up the construction of the Fangshan metro, effectively ease the central city population and industry, promote the optimization of the layout of urban functions.

In the above, according to the follow-up project construction, ventilation system for fan performance requirements continue to change, the company adopted positive measures in response, repeatedly with the project to carry out the design liaison meetings, ensure the company in quality and performance to best meet project requirements, to a certain extent, but also to protect the normal operation of the line. 



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