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Shenzhen metro

Shenzhen Metro Line 3 project across the board by the Futian District of Nanshan village to Longgang Shuanglong, with a total length of about 41 km, set a station 30. Construction in two phases, one phase of the project from Hongling to Ssangyong, the line length of 32.983 km, 22 stations. The two phase of the project (the West) project from Yitian to the red ridge line of about 9 km, 8 stations.

Shenzhen Metro Line 3 connecting Luohu District and Longgang District, in Luohu 8.533 separately km will be underground passage, Longgang km 21.727 except for the transition section will move through on the viaduct become Guangdong's first mainly in the "on the ground" run subway lines.

As the connection and the center of the Universiade will of the main stadium of rail transit line, Shenzhen Metro Line 3 bear Universiade main passenger transport task, municipal government to the general commitment of the Universiade line ".

No. 3 line of the West extension project construction, to Shenzhen's economic development, urban construction and development has very important meaning and function, is an important step to realize the goal of the overall urban planning of Shenzhen city. Hand is conducive to timely ease wide Futian of Shenzhen passenger dedicated line station passenger flow, alleviate the Futian Central District No. 1 line of traffic pressure; on the other hand have conducive to the strengthening of Shenzhen Eastern Development Zone and urban center area contact, greatly improve No.3 line passenger flow and economic benefits.

Our company for the project in the commercial prosperity, crowded, the roads criss crossing, ground traffic location, line to the top of buildings, municipal pipelines dense, line peripheral environment and the geological structure is very complex geographical environment factors and characteristics, the project of ventilation system configuration, bidirectional (positive) inversion axis flow fans, uni axial flow fan, two-way reversed (positive) jet fan and other products, for the normal operation of the train to provide the required environmental conditions, guarantees the train's normal work of the air conditioner; for passengers to provide transitional comfortable environment. At the same time, at the time of the accident, fire quickly ruled out smoke, induced passengers safely evacuated.



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