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Nuclear Application

Taishan Nuclear Power Plant




Taishan nuclear power plant is located in Chixi town Taishan city Guangdong province. It is the fourth nuclear power plant which Guangdong Nuclear Power Group built in Guangdong province. This project is planning to build 4 PWR nuclear power units. Plan in once and build in phases. Two units would be built in phase one. And it adopts the third generation ERP nuclear power units which is the newest nuclear power technology in China. The unit capacity is 1.75 million kilowatt that is the power plant unit with the biggest unit capacity in world as so far.


Construction of Taishan nuclear power plant contributes to the promotion of the nuclear power development and the personnel cultivation &design &manufacturing &civil engineering &installation &commissioning & operation. And it also plays an active role in the sustainable coordinated development of the energy &economic & environment in Guandong.


HVAC system of nuclear power plant is the system with the high automation & integration which requires the high unfailing performance of every link. 


NFVC possesses research and development ability of the advanced integrated system through technology accumulation of many years. And we own superior products in the nuclear power & metro & channel field. And the research and development technology is innovation. NFVC works out the key technology of the third generation HVAC system. And apply it in ERP nuclear power units of the third generation for Taishan project. The advanced technology is further strengthened. 


NFVC takes the procurement bidding of the detailed design and equipment supply for the HVAC system for Taishan project from CNPEC.



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