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Nuclear Application

Tianwan nuclear power plant

China Russia signed contract at 1997 to build two units (VVER-1000) at Tianwan nuclear power plant (total power 2000 mW). It is one of the key projects of our country’s “nine five” plan duration. It locates at Tianwan, Lianyun district, Lianyungang, Jiangsu. The plant is programmed at 4 units of 1000 mW grade, with another room for 4 units.


Tianwan nuclear power plant adopts Russia AES-91 nuclear power plant. This kind of reactor is an evolution design with a series advanced technology as per current international nuclear safety procedures, based on experience on the design, construction & operation of VVER-1000/V320 reactor. The characteristic for this design is high starting point & advanced technology in respect of safety standard and design performance.


Tianwan nuclear power plant owns advantage of specific geography & hydrology. It allows to build 8 units of 1000 mW, total power up to 8000-10000 mW, annual electricity up to 60-70 billion kWh, revenue above 25 billion RMB. After the complete construction of Tianwan nuclear power plant, another large nuclear energy base will be formed. It will make great contribution to the fulfill of CNPE’s “3221” strategy, the acceleration of quick, good & safe development on our country’s nuclear business, as well as economic take-off & social sustainable development to Jiangsu province (even South-eastern China).


Nanfang signed equipment delivery contract of Tianwan nuclear power plant unit 3, 4, 5 & 6.



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