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Nuclear Application

Guangxi Fang Chenggang Nuclear Power Plant

Guangxi Fang Chenggang (Hongsha) Nuclear Power Plant is located at Hongsha Country, Guangpo Town, Gangkou District, Fang Chenggang City, Guangxi Autonomous Region, where plans to construct six sets of million-kilowatt nuclear power unit, which is co-invested by Guangdong Nuclear Power Group (CGNPC) and Guangxi Investment Group, CGNPC is in charge of engineering construction and operation management.

Guangxi Fang Chenggang Project is the first nuclear power project in North Gulf of China; this project is planning to construct a nuclear power plant with 6 million-kilowatt pressurized water reactors, following the policy of “Unified Planning, Phased Construction”. The first phased engineering is planned to construct 2 sets of million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor units, the first set of unit has been completed and put into commercial operation in 2014.

This project further promotes and applies our national nuclear power technology with independent intellectual property rights from engineering design, engineering management, equipment manufacture, commissioning operation. After the first phase engineering has completed, the nuclear power plant can provide 15 billion kilowatt hours of safe, clean and economic electricity, and reduce consumptions of 6 million tons of electricity-coal, 1.482 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions and 136.4 thousand tons of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions, the environmental benefit it products corresponds to grow 98.2 thousand hectare of forest. It not only can strongly promote the change in the mode of economic development of Guangxi Province, but also playing a positive role in realizing objectives for emissions of greenhouse gases, protection of ecology and environment and maintain electric power supply of North Gulf Economic Region.

Nuclear Power Plant HVAC system is high automated and integrated; it required each part to have high reliability performance to perform system operation order and control.

After several years of technical accumulation, effective integration of several kinds of interdisciplinary technology, the company has possessed the industry leading system integrated R&D design ability, and possessed products having competitive advantage in nuclear power, metro, long tunnel areas. The system integrated R&D design technology of the company is integrated innovation.

The company has signed the supply contract of HVAC system equipment for Guangxi Fang Chengang Nuclear Power Plant. 


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