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Nuclear Application

Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear power


Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear power Co., Ltd is a limited liability company mutually invested and established by CGN & China Power Investment Co.,Ltd & Dalian construction investment Co.,Ltd with the proportion of share as 45%,45% and 10%. This Company is in charge of the construction and operation of the Hongyanhe nuclear power plant. CGN is responsible for the main project construction and operation first 5 years. China power investment Corporation will participate in it fully. Project construction management will be authorized to CGN through assignment agreement.


The overall objective of Hongyanhe nuclear power plant is better safety performance and localization improvement than Lingao Phase Two. Improve production capacity of complete equipment to form integrated industrial system of Nuclear Power localization. To achieve goals that is with better quality lower price and more localization.


Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant built 6 million-kilowatt pressurized power unit. Four million-kilowatt pressurized nuclear power unit with CPR1000 technology adoption is built in first-stage construction. Total investment was over 50 billions RMB. Main work for unit 1 started on Aug 18th,2007. And it started commercial operation in 2012. All four units started commercial operation until 2014. And daily generation of this project was over 96000000 kilowatt hour. And paying taxes every year was over 0.8 billion RMB. Valid construction period for unit 1&2 is 58 months. For unit 3&4 is 56 months. Time interval between unit 1 and 2 is 8 months. It is 10 months between unit 2 and 3. It is 6 months between unit 3 and 4.

NFVC signed general supply contract to offer HVAC equipment of unit 1&2 &3&4 for Hongyanhe project.



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