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Nuclear Application

Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant




Total project investment is more than 100 billions. It is one of the biggest nuclear power plants in China. China Power Investment Corporation takes up about 65% of the total investment in first-stage construction project. And Shandong international trust and investment Corporation takes up about 10%. Yantan Power development Corporation takes up about 10%. Huaneng energy transportation industry Corporation takes up about 5%. China National Nuclear Corporation takes up about 5%. China Guodian Corporation takes up about 5%.


Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant built 6 million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor units. Make space for two reserved extension units. Capacity of each unit is 1.25 million kilowatt. Two million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor units with the third generation nuclear technology AP1000 from Westinghouse were built in the first-stage project construction. Total investment was over 40 billions RMB. And the first unit started commercial operation in 2014.


It will be the biggest nuclear energy generation project in China as so far after construction completion. At the same time it will promote domestic demand growth and create more jobs to push local economic development because of the huge project investment.


It will reduce 50000000 tons of carbon dioxide emission, 150000 tons of nitrogen oxide emission, 120000 tons of soot emission than the same scale heat-engine plant after construction of the 8 AP1000 nuclear power plants completed. Haiyang nuclear power project will promote low carbon and clean development to facilitate reduction in carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 2020. Construction of Haiyang nuclear power project also will accelerate the localization progress of the third generation nuclear power technology, improve the manufacturing and construction capacity of the nuclear power equipment. It also makes a contribution to adjust energy structure and promote healthy and sustainable development of economics and society in China.


NFVC singed supply contract to offer the BOP fresh air handling units for Shandong Haiyang nuclear power plant.



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