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Lingao nuclear power plant



Lingao nuclear power plant is the second biggest commercial power station. The state council decided to construct it when dayawan nuclear plant went into operation in Feb,1994.


It is the third huge commercial nuclear plant after dayawan & Lingao Phase one. Two million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor units was planned to be built in this project. Lingao Phase two was listed as national localization power plant in Mar 2004. It was approved by state council in July 2004. And this project started to build in Dec 2005. Two units started commercial operation on July 15th 2010 and August 7th 2011 separately.


The construction was smooth since building began on Dec 15th 2005. No staff injured within the 15 million labor hours. Project quality was excellent and progress was ahead of project time schedule. It has finished 64% as predicted and 30% of the total investment.


Lingao Phase two is the trial project of the brand nuclear technology CPR1000 which is owned by China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group. And this technology serves as a link between the past and the future. Main construction of Lingao began on Dec 15th, 2005. And Unit 1 started commercial operation on July 15th, 2010.

Nanfang Ventilator Co., Ltd is the prime contractor of the HVAC equipment for Lingao Nuclear Power Phase two. And Nanfang obtains performance certificate of class A equipment from China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group.



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