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Yangjiang nuclear power plant



Yangjiang nuclear power plant is the second nuclear base of CGNPC (China Guangdong Nuclear Power Company) at Guangdong. The project adopts CPR1000 technology of CGNPC’s self-brand. There are four units of 1000 mW pressurize water reactor at the first phase. It is built & operated by Yangjiang nuclear power company of CGNPC. Yangjiang nuclear power plant locates at Yangjiang (a western coastal city of Guangdong), total investment 70 billion RMB. It is the fourth nuclear power plant after Ling’ao Phase two, Hongyanhe nuclear power plant and Ningde nuclear power plant, under the guideline of “active promotion on nuclear power plant construction” of our country.


It is planned to build six units of 1000 mW grade nuclear reactor at Yangjiang nuclear powerplant. There are four units of 1080 mWe CPR1000 pressurized water reactor developed by CGNPC. It is also invested by CGNPC.


Yangjiang nuclear power plant locates at Shahuan, Dongping Town, Yangjiang, Guangdong. It is planned to build six units of 1000 mW pressurized water reactor. It is the second nuclear energy base of CGNPC in Guangdong province. The project adopts CPR1000 of self-brand nuclear technology. The localization ratio of unit 1 & 2 will reach 75%; localization ratio of unit 3&4 will reach 85%; the localization ratio of unit 5&6 will reach 90%. The total localization ratio of the whole project will reach 83%. The main works of unit 1 was started officially at Dec. 16th 2008. It will plan to be put into business operation at 2013. The total construction of 6 units will be completed at 2017. The annual on-grid energy is expected at 45 billion kWh. The construction of Yangjiang nuclear power plant will further increase the nuclear power self-building level of our country, upgrade nuclear power industry and local economic development, and generate positive effect on Guangdong’s “nuclear power demonstration area”.


Nanfang Ventilator is the HVAC equipment general contractor of Yangjiang nuclear power plant phase one unit 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6.



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