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 Nanfang Ventilator invites you to join us:

Nanfang Ventilator marks an unusual development during the past ten years plus. Numerous technology & management talent joins us by its outstanding achievement, mature & rational management style, good staffing environment.

“Attracting talent, developing talent; making right use of talent, retaining talent”, is Nanfang’s make-right-use-of-personnel rule. It is also Nanfang’s development rule. Talent is the most precious treasure of our company. We are willing, and we are also able to provide a wide stage to the ambitious talent to show itself. Nanfang’s struggling goal is “creating Chinese world brand of HVAC industrial, marching to international large enterprise”.

Under the instruction of this strategy, for current talent, by the rule of fulfilling employee’s maximum ideal, Nanfang enables each employee to realize that the development of Nanfang is the maximum ideal of each employee itself. On another hand, Nanfang’s feedback to its employee is a rational mental attitude & Nanfang’s economic benefit. Nanfang provides space, environment & condition for each ambitious talent to develop. Under the guiding of such guideline, the mental attitude & economic benefit of Nanfang’s employees is upgrading with each passing day.

Nanfang Ventilator is keen on reform, endeavors to introduce talent, and creates the brilliancy together. 

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