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 Wholly-owned subsidiary——Zhongxing Energy Equipment Co,.Ltd 


Zhongxing Energy Equipment Co,.Ltd (originally named as Nantong Special Steel Co.,Ltd) founded in 1990, specialized in development of special piping industrialization in energy engineering, providing various sizes and types of large diameter thick-walled seamless steel pipe for the major equipment in energy engineering. Currently, the company covers an area of 35 thousand square meters, with registered capital of 268 million, total assets exceeds 1.3 billion, is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanfang Ventilator Co,. Ltd (stock abbreviation: Nanfeng Corporation, 30004).

The company has developed as a Leader Enterprise in energy engineering special steel industry, a enterprise with most complete sizes of seamless pipe special steel product at home, at the same time a supplier engaged into this area at the earliest at home, by virtue of his steady industry position, strong independent R&D ability, strict quality control and extensive customer recognition. 

The company is the national high-tech enterprise, which build national post-doctoral research station, provincial academician working station, enterprise technical center and engineering technical research center; having integrated key technology for manufacturing high-end energy engineering special piping fittings. At the same time, the company is the undertaking unit of the energy equipment seamless stainless steel working group of national standard steel committee, being in charge of drafting five national and industrial standards.

The company has passed the certification by ISO9001 Quality Management, ISO14001 Environment Management, QHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management, Lloyds PED Quality Management and ASME Quality Management System. And won the titles such as National Primary and Secondary Quality Education Social Practice Base; Enterprise of Good Creditworthiness, AA Grade Quality Credit Enterprise and Top 100 Chinese Private Technology Enterprise, Good Standardization Behavior of AAAA Grade of Jiangsu Province. 

The company has strong market competitiveness and high market share in application areas such as nuclear power, petrifaction, coal oil, newly developed chemical engineering. The quality of the actual product could meet the international similar actual product level, has consecutively won the titles such as Chinese Brand Names, Jiangsu Brand Names, Golden Cup Award and also won API Certification. Currently, the company is one of the principal suppliers of stainless steel pipe, forge pieces of grade 1, 2 and 3, and carbon steel, alloy steel pipe of grade 2 and 3. In additions, the company is the member of the tier one supplier network of China National Petroleum Corp, the excellent supplier of China Petrochemical Corporation, and special contribution supplier of Shenhua Group LLC. 

The company concept is “Bring the steel pipe to the global market, become the innovation leader”. The company devotes himself to create the core competitiveness of enterprises of brand, product, technology, service, adopt customer focus, product-centered and services-oriented business theory, to customize personalized service program as per the needs of each user and customer, and provide perfect product quality and service.

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Sino foreign joint venture subsidiary——Foshan Nanfang-RITCO Energy Clean Technology Co., Ltd.



Foshan Nanfang-RITCO Energy Clean Technology Co., Ltd. is a holding subsidiary jointly ventured by Nanfang ventilator Co., Ltd. and Korean RITCO Co., Ltd (RITCO short for Royal Industrial Technology Corporation). Founded in November 2013, Nanfang-RITCO owned the registered capital of RMB 20 million, which accounted for 51% of Nanfang Ventilator Co., Ltd., Korean RITCO Co., Ltd accounted for 49%. The company is located in Shishan Industrial Zone of Nanhai District, boarding on Guangzhou, with 20 kilometers away from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport and adjacent to Shenzhen & Zhuhai Special Economic Zone. It is much convenient in traffic. The products of Nanfang-RITCO mainly include: (1) Honeycomb electrostatic precipitator; (2) Multi -cross electrostatic precipitator; (3) RWIS anti-icing system. Since the establishment of our company, we determined to being the leader with innovation among the air cleaning and road anti-icing suppliers. 

1. Electrostatic precipitator of PM2.5 air quality control

Electrostatic precipitators produced by our company are widely used in highway tunnels, subways, central air-conditioning units, high-rise buildings, offices, gymnasiums, shopping malls, factories and construction sites, etc. Products are divided into two kinds, including subway and tunnel, which dependents on the use places of electrostatic precipitator. And the electrostatic precipitator used in subway can be divided into two types, including unidirectional and bi-directional. Electrostatic precipitators produced by our company can remove fine particle, smoke and VOC efficiently with high-tech of electrostatic precipitation. For PM2.5 airborne particles, dust removal efficiency is more than 90%. Besides, electrostatic precipitators produced by our company can not only reduce the emissions of PM2.5 particles, but also remove more than 80% of smoke and toxic gas in the fire.

2. RWIS anti-icing system

Automatic anti-icing system is a system which can remove the ice and snow cover with the method of intelligent control and spraying deicer according to the status of road surface. It is widely used in exit of tunnel, nightside of mountain, downhill path and surface of bridge. It is a effective solution to reduce the car accidents caused by ice and snow cover.

Products produced by Nanfang-RITCO were be granted many utility patents around the world, including Korea, United States, China, Japan and Singapore, etc. Besides, several patents is under application. We received good response from the clients of Korean Seoul Metro, Gyeongju Tunnel, Suwon Tunnel and Beijing Wangfujing Subway Station. What is more, Nanfang-RITCO is capable to provide the best solutions with integrated design, procurement, manufacture, installation,commission and training, etc. 




 Holding subsidiary——Nanfang Additive Manufacturing Technology Co,.Ltd


Nanfang  Additive Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. established in 1977, its predecessor is Foshan Nanhai Nanfang Ventilator Research Institute, which is the holding subsidiary of Nanfang Ventilator Co.,Ltd (stock abbreviation: Nanfeng Corporation, 30004). The registered capital of the company is 5 million RMB. The president of the company is Mr. Yang Zishan, while the general manager is Mr. Zhu Zhiyu.

In order to satisfy the development requirements of some industries such as nuclear power, thermal power, water power, petrifaction, metallurgy and shipping, to be on active service with high reliability and long life under larger scale, complication, high performance parameters and severe conditions; the company undertook the industrialized project concerning technology of heavy metal hardware electric smelting precision forming, with total investment of 168 million. This item of technology is completely independently developed by the company, is a new created “3D additive manufacture” technology in the world for heavy hardware with the features of short process, environmental protection, precision and digitalization; is a new generation of molding technology for the heavy hardware; is an item of transformational technology of manufacturing mode for large and super huge key metal hardware used in high end major industrial equipment; it represented the processing tendency of the high end heavy metal hardware in the future, which can widely apply to manufacturing of GW nuclear power equipment, GW supercritical and ultra-supercritical fossil power unit and modern major industrial equipment alloy steel used in water power, petrifaction, metallurgy and shipping, thus, this technology has bright market prospects. The implementation of the project will further enhance the overall strength of the company, improve the brand and market competitiveness and consolidate the advanced technical position and comprehensive competitive power of the company in machinery manufacturing area.

In February of 2015, Nanfang  Additive Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. signed Contract of 3D Additive Manufacturing Technology Support and Service for Nuclear Power Main Steam Piping Penetration Piece Simulated Items (hereinafter referred to as Technical Contract) with Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute. Through the technical cooperation with Shanghai Nuclear Engineering Research and Design Institute, the widely application schedule of the this technology in nuclear power area will be speeded up, the door to industrialization of heavy metal 3D additive technology will be opened, it is of strategic importance to the development in high-end hardware metal forming manufacturing area for the parent company and the subsidiary. At the moment, Nanfang  Additive Manufacturing Technology Co.,Ltd. is preparing trial production and reviewing & approving related documents as per the requirements as stipulated in the Technical Contract.

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Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries——Guangdong Nanfeng Investment Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Nanfeng Investment Co., Ltd, Wholly-Owned Subsidiaries of Nanfang Ventilator Co., Ltd, was found in 2014 and mainly engages in investment project, including industry, business, and real estate industry, and provides business administration and commodity information consulting service.

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