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-In 1988, the company was founded, to undertake the processing of wind turbine business, family workshop production model


-In 1990, the company began to design and produce the fan.


-In 1993, the company captures the fan of Nanhai market.

-In 1998, the company enters the field of metro, nuclear, tunnel.


-In 2000, the company accepts the Guangzhou Metro line 2 projects, begain to enter the field of metro.


-In 2000, the company achieved the Project reward of Innovation Fund for Small and Medium Technology Based Firms, successfully developed the product of Direct combustion type high temperature fire exhaust axial flow fan in metro projects, this product was affirmed the "National key new products".


-In 2002, company's testing laboratory has passed the National Accreditation Board for accreditation of laboratories in China, which has been approved to issue a laboratory accreditation certificate.


-In 2005, the company's air power performance testing laboratory obtain the China National Accreditation Committee laboratory accreditation certificate, is one of the three national laboratories in the industry.


-In 2006, company obtain the China's first independent design, Two million-kilowatt pressurized water reactor units- contract of the HVAC equipment in Lingao Nuclear Power Phase two.


-The company independently developed large dynamic blade adjustable wing type fan successfully applied to the world's longest road tunnel - Qinling Mountains final Nanshan tunnel 

-In 30 Oct 2009, Nanfeng Corporation listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange ChiNext. Stock name: Nanfeng Corporation; Stock No.:300004.


-In 2009, Company is the first enterprise to obtain both licenses of design and manufacture for nuclear grade fans and dampers awarded by National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).


-In 2009, company was affirmed as four consecutive years of Foshan keeping contract re credit enterprises.

-In 2010, takes the procurement bidding of the detailed design and equipment supply for the HVAC system for Taishan project from CNPEC.


-In 2005-2011, company was affirmed as seven consecutive years of Gaungdong keeping contract re credit enterprises.


-In 2011, the company successfully passed the review of high-tech enterprises


-In 2011, technology center of the company was identified as the Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center


-In 2011, company developed the "millions kilowatt of pressurized water reactor nuclear island of nuclear ventilation and air conditioning system of complete sets of equipment project" won the "China Association of nuclear science and Technology Award"


-In 2012, the company "EPR third-generation nuclear island, ventilation and air treatment equipment system localization project" was included in the national high technology research and development program of China (863 Program)


-In 2012, subsidiary-Nanfang-AM accepts the project of fused precision forming technology for heavy metal components. This technology is a new kind of international initiative “additive manufacturing” technology for heavy metal components with the characters of short-process, green, accurate and digital.


-In 2013, the company was identified as the national torch plan focused on high-tech enterprises, Guangdong Province, the backbone of strategic emerging industries


-In 2013, the company DVC nuclear grade air treatment unit was named the National Key New Products


-In 2013, company was identified as China National Nuclear Corporation’s qualified suppliers.


-In 2013, set up a joint venture company Foshan Nanfang-RITCO Energy Clean Technology Co., Ltd., production, research and development Electrostatic precipitator of PM2.5 air quality control and RWIS anti-icing system.


-In 2013, company was affirmed as Nanhai Excellent private enterprise.


-In 2014, company was identified as CGN’s qualified suppliers in 2013 annual.


-In 2014, company was affirmed as Guangdong Provincial Engineering Research Center.


-In 2014, company was affirmed as the National High and New Technology Enterprise


-In 2014, company was affirmed as the Big Dipper Enterprise.


-In 2014, company acquired ZhongXing energy equipment Co., LTD,digging nuclear power market,achieve the high-end energy equipment manufacturing industry across other sub fields.



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